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Online Video Platform

The Ikonik Online Video Platform (OVP) is the central hub for your online video content. It provides the ability to manage and publish content, and to gain intelligence and insight on how viewers engage with content both historically and in real-time. The Ikonik OVP provides a feature-rich set of services enabling content owners to do just about anything they might imagine possible with their video content library and live events.

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Online Video Platform Quickly and easily manage content using our intuitive interface.

Live Cloud Transcoding

Send us a single high-quality video stream, and we’ll take care of getting it into all the formats and qualities for robust multi-device support. Ikonik Media’s Live Cloud Transcoding eases the burden on your local network and infrastructure by moving the heavy lifting to the cloud, where processing horsepower and data bandwidth are in abundance.

Interested in learning if this product is right for you? We’d love to learn about your use case. Contact us for more information and pricing.

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Online Video Platform Offload data and processing intensive video transcoding tasks to our cloud-hosted services.

Multi-Site Video

Connect multiple venues and facilities with full 1920 x 1080 HD video. We provide real-time, low-latency live solutions as well as a Cloud DVR solution that allows time-shifting of content anywhere from seconds to days. Both solutions are proven across a number of different industries. In addition, we support point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and bidirectional interactive video solutions, and services easily scale to meet the demands of your organizational growth.

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Online Video Platform See how our multi-site solutions can help your organization cost-effectively connect multiple facilities.

Rebroadcast Pro

Rebroadcast Pro is a cloud-hosted application that enables content owners to rebroadcast their VOD content or previously aired live streams as true live adaptive bitrate streams to desktop, mobile, tablet, smart TVs, and other live streaming compatible devices.

Rebroadcasting pre-recorded content as live material rather than user-initiated VOD playback has advantages when there is a desire for real-time interaction with the viewer. This service is well-suited toward Houses of Worship, Education and Training, Sales and Marketing, and many other scenarios. We’d love to hear about how you would like to use Rebroadcast Pro!

Save time. Save on infrastructure costs. Reach more people with your message.

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Online Video Platform Easily schedule previously recorded and future content for true live adaptive bitrate streaming.

Live Encoding

Ikonik partners with industry leading manufacturers and live streaming software developers to provide our customers with the best quality live encoding solutions specific to your live encoding requirements, specifications, and goals.

From custom builds to software applications to live encoding/decoding appliances to high-density enterprise and broadcast solutions, we help you architect the right workflow and product solutions to maximize your investment and achieve your goals.

Let us know how we can help you reach your audience.

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Online Video Platform Maximize your video production investment by achieving the highest quality, efficiency, and reliability in live video encoding.

Digital Signage

Integrate Digital Signage with IP Video & Dynamic Data. Ikonik is proud to partner with Haivision to provide the CoolSign digital signage system and playback engine hardware. CoolSign is an enterprise-grade digital signage solution that incorporates graphical signage assets with IP video inputs and dynamic data integration. In addition to its accessible approach to complex scheduling automation, asset frequency and asset lifespan, CoolSign also allows centralized management of dynamic data, multiple displays, and device specific layouts. CoolSign scales with your needs from a several displays within your facility to multiple endpoints distributed globally.

We’d love to talk with you about your digital signage strategy and needs!

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Online Video Platform CoolSign dynamically powers thousands of public displays for hundreds of customers across diverse verticals around the globe.
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Services are goal-driven or event-driven engagements where Ikonik comes along side your team to deliver objective-oriented results. Learn More.

Live Events

Simulcasting an event to remote live audiences? Broadcasting a large convention, conference, concert, or PR event to web, mobile, and connected TVs? Ikonik provides planning, on-site expertise, proven reliability, and massive scalability to support your live events.

Professional Services

Our talented Professional Services team is available to help you customize and extend our products through well-defined engagements, such as: Custom Player Development, API Integration, Custom Analytics Implementation, Workflow Architecture, and more.