Multi-Site Video

Connect multiple locations with pristine HD single- or dual-screen video. We provide real-time, low-latency live solutions as well as time-shifted DVR with local caching for local playback. Both solutions are proven across a number of different industries. In addition, we support point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and bidirectional interactive video solutions, and services easily scale to meet the demands of your organizational growth.

Time-Shifted Live

Haivision’s HyperStream Connect DVR service is ideal for multi-facility situations where real-time live video is not a requirement. Time can be delayed by as little as 6 seconds. Live content is recorded to a specialized Cloud DVR and cached to a local player for playback, so the content is available for playback until it is replaced with a new broadcast. This is ideal for situations where different campuses will be presenting the content at different times, or will have multiple playback times after the original live presentation has occurred.

Time-Shifted Features

Real-Time Live

Ikonik Media’s Real-Time Live HD video delivery utilizes ISO-certified Haivision Makito hardware to deliver consistent high-performance results across a spectrum of the most demanding industries and product applications, from Broadcast and Sports, to Medical, Federal, and mission-critical Enterprise, Educational, and House of Worship implementations.

Combining Haivision’s superior hardware with proprietary Secure Reliable Transport technology brings an even greater advantage to customers wishing to connect multiple facilites with real-time HD video.

Real-Time Features

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