Broadcast Cloud is Ikonik's cloud-hosted application enabling content owners to rebroadcast their live, VOD content, and/or previously aired live streams as true live adaptive bitrate streams to desktop, mobile, tablet, smart TVs, Roku, Apple TV, and other live streaming compatible devices.

Create a 24/7 liear live video channel in minutes. Or create a playlist of content to play back as live video at set times. Pass your live streams through to your live channel.

Rebroadcasting pre-recorded content as live material rather than user-initiated VOD playback has advantages when there is a desire for real-time interaction with the viewer. This service is well-suited toward Houses of Worship, Education and Training, Sales and Marketing, and many other scenarios. We’d love to hear about how you would like to use Broadcast Cloud!

Save time. Save on infrastructure costs. Reach more people with your message.