We started from the perspective of distribution and built the feature-focused, dream platform for the ever-emerging world of video. Broadcast Cloud blends multi-platform distribution and analytics with the intuitive management of relational metadata to drive dynamic content to your web properties, tv apps and mobile apps, complete with 24/7 linear playout, scheduled recording, and multi-codec delivery.



Delivers stunning performance across multiple devices, platforms, and screens. Supports multiple live destinations from a single source or schedule.

Premium Player

Lightweight, modular player design means faster load times and increased user engagement. Get AirPlay and Chromecast features out of the box!

Relational Metadata

Assign People & Roles to media. Organize content by Series, Season, or any other grouping you can imagine. Assign metadata to media collections.

24/7 Linear Live Playout

Use a familiar calendar view to easily program complex broadcast schedules. Deliver true live video to Web, OTT, Mobile, Social, and more.

Cloud Recording

Schedule one-time or recurring recordings and set auto-publish preferences. Recordings can auto-populate to players, feeds, and broadcast schedules.

Engagement Analytics

Broadcast Cloud leverages the power of Youbora combined with intuitive UX/UI to deliver meaningful, in-depth metrics. No data science degree required.

Ultra-fast File Transcoding

Advanced transcoding job segmentation and orchestrated hardware acceleration mean high-quality results with less time waiting on ready files.

Live Transcoding

Send one stream into Broadcast Cloud and let our systems handle the heavy lifting for adaptive bitrate. Deliver to multiple destinations, including social.

Dynamic Feeds

Populate content to websites and applications with media and metadata populated by dynamic feeds, filtered by content type, collection, tags, and more.

Advanced Subtitle Support

Easily manage multi-lingual content with custom subtitle stream labels dynamically embedded directly into HLS and DASH playback manifests for the ultimate in broad distribution support. Make modifications to your subtitle script directly in the platform and save your changes. The results will be automatically repackaged into the delivery manifests and made available on new play requests.

Multi-user and Account Permissions

Easily manage multiple account users with various permissions levels specific to the workflow and access requirements of your organization.

YouTube Connector

Syndicate content to your YouTube channel(s) and gain multi-platform insights on viewer engagement.

Facebook Connector

Syndicate content to your Facebook account(s) and gain multi-platform insights on viewer engagement.

Custom Syndication

The modular design of Broadcast Cloud allows for custom extension to connect custom distribution points based on your business rules and workflow requirements. When available from 3rd party APIs, we can further increase this value by providing aggregated metrics across all of your organizations distribution platforms in a single pane of glass.

Countdown to Live

Incorporate Broadcast Cloud's dynamic countdown player. With just a single embed, a custom countdown displays the upcoming event title over a custom background image or video. This is great for individual events that are not part of a 24/7 linear live playout schedule, and it allows customers to manage their content scheduling in one place without managing and updating multiple embedded players.

Virtual Subclips

Establish parent-child content relationships and generate multiple virtual, non-destructive subclips from parent media. Virtual subclips are instantly available and do not consume additional storage or transcoding resources.

Advanced Content Tagging

The tagging implementation within Broadcast Cloud intuitively fosters consistent tag usage across your media library, even over long periods of time. There are so many workflow uses for keyword tagging, and Broadcast Cloud makes leveraging this metadata both easy and incredibly powerful. For example, use tags as an include or exclude parameter for dynamic feeds or API calls, or use tags in single or compound analytics filtering for a unique lens to content engagement analysis.


Codec flexibility is a core value of the Broadcast Cloud platform. At Ikonik, we feel that this is at once strategic, practical, and ethical. Strategically, we have built the system for quick adoption of next-generation codecs as they emerge as viable distribution technologies, while using years of expertise, superior technology, and best practices to get the most performance and efficiency from 264 codecs. Practically, in a 4k+ world, the bandwidth savings becomes even more significant, and for some, necessary. From an ethical perspective lowering bandwidth consumption is not only sensible from an operator cost perspective, but it improves the experience and lowers the bandwidth footprint for viewers while recognizing that global data throughput is a finite resource that we want to take a lead role in using responsibly.

Video Pre-roll

Manage pre-roll videos using a 3rd party ad server or Broadcast Cloud's integrated ad server for self-hosted ads/pre-roll content.

Watch Folders

Set up a watch folder on FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, Box, Amazon S3 or S3 compatible services. Watch folders can watch for video files or for metadata files. Any metadata in Broadcast Cloud can be written by a metadata file in a watched folder. Get notifications via email or Slack.

Batch Ingest

Ingest a batch of media via drag and drop or adding groupings of external links from DropBox,, or public HTTP(S) links. For more complex ingest requirements, Broadcast Cloud can ingest a locally hosted XML file with public file links and complex metadata, or can monitor a feed URL on regular intervals. A visual editor makes easy work of mapping metadata relationships between source and target. Combining batch ingest with Broadcast Cloud's ultra-fast media processing technology means hundreds of hours of content can be ingested into your Broadcast Cloud account in short order, as jobs are processed in parallel. Ask about our white-glove onboarding service for Growth and Premium accounts. Migrating mountains of content is no longer a barrier to change your organization's video streaming service provider. Joining Broadcast Cloud is easy.

QoS Monitor

While our core analytics focus on distribution and viewer engagement by content, platform, geography, and devices, QoS Monitor looks at distribution from an operational perspective. The support philosophy at Ikonik is that "the best support call is the one you never have to make." QoS Monitor equips our customers to operate with that same philosophy toward their users. Operational quality and transparency is mission-critical to your distribution and content engagement strategy. QoS Monitor is available as an add-on in Growth plans and standard in Premium Plans.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields can be added to for media metadata, media collections (series, season, or however you group content), and feed configuration to extend Broadcast Cloud's already robust taxonomies. Custom Fields can also be used in API calls and in url parameters, making the migration from legacy systems to Broadcast Cloud even easier.

Let's say you're a biologist organizing all of your video clips of various species by domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. Then let's say on top of that you want to tag each media with the scientist(s) responsible for the discovery as well as the production credits for the video clip. Broadcast Cloud includes default relational fields for People and Roles. Custom Roles could be added to accommodate the unique collection, then Custom Fields could be added for media to capture the additional taxonomies, or the videos could be arranged by folders and subfolders which would include the data in the folder title, but could then be additionally extended to add other information about each rank.

Advanced Analytics Filtering

Filter by Media, Media ID, Folder, Folder ID (media collections like series, season, etc.), tag, content type, custom fields, languages, and/or people. The system also allows compound filtering. For example, you want to know how all of the extras for season 3 of a particular series have performed in the current month to date. Another use case would be understanding how many unique viewers consumed the ASL version of of your conference event over a 3-day period and over 9 sessions. When some people say "advanced," they mean "more cowbell." We deliver features based on a 12-year history of working closely with our customers to solve real-world challenges.

Word-level Timed-text Search

Search for a word or phrase and get a results response weighted by keyword density relevance and with time-accurate video position results. Ikonik is innovating speech analytics for viewer engagement, content discovery, and content recommendations. Today's search is tomorrow's insight.

Word-level Timed-text Search is a paid add-on available in Growth and Premium accounts

Multi-account Access

In some cases an organization's requirements may be best suited by multiple Broadcast Cloud accounts. In some cases, we work with event producers that service a number of customers on the Broadcast Cloud platform. Other groups require multiple child accounts to manage internal billing as well as various complex requirements. Multi-account access allows access to multiple accounts at various permission levels via a single user login.

API Access

Available as a paid add-on for Growth accounts and standard for Premium accounts, API access allows direct programmatic integration with 3rd party systems. Anything that can be done in the Broadcast Cloud UI can be done via the API as well, and the API additionally unlocks the power of Broadcast Cloud as a relational metadata powerhouse and source of truth for all of your media distribution.

Broadcast Cloud is built as a distribution-first platform, and that design philosophy is mirrored in the API. It is written to be consumed for distribution. Intuitive management meets programmatic flexibility.

It's like saying, "Hey Siri..." but better.

White Glove Catalog Onboarding

We know that migrating mountains of content can be change-prohibitive. Broadcast Cloud was built with an easy onramp to handle ingest for catalogs of any size like a champ. We've built proprietary workflows to address the requirements of massive onboarding projects. After an initial security assessment, taxonomy consult (the content structure and metadata used by your organization), and media catalog audit, we build a custom plan based on your unique catalog, source platform, and requirements. For new customers with only several thousand media titles with a fairly standard taxonomy, this is a very simple process, and content can be onboarded within a few days.