Live Streaming extends your reach, and gives remote viewers a sense of connection. From a handful of viewers to tens of thousands, we’ve got you covered. Broadcast live to your website, social channels, mobile apps, Roku, and AppleTV. Video-On-Demand provides your congregation with an easy-to-search, easy-to-manage video portal on your own website. Easily sync your video archive to apps, iTunes Podcast, Roku, and AppleTV, and social channels.


Efficient Content Management

Getting your content into our system is easy! Whether you are just starting out or if you have a large library with another provider, we’ll help you understand how to utilize feed readers, watch folders, and direct upload functions to easily get your content into the system in a way that best suits your workflow. Intuitive navigation and a customizable interface lays the foundation for a media ecosystem that can seamlessly integrate or even streamline your current workflow.

In-the-Network Live and VOD Transmuxing

Our streaming experts help you take advantage delivery technologies that reduce your live outbound bandwidth consumption as well as the storage required for VOD delivery via diverse delivery protocols. Whether live or Video On Demand, we are able to take a base set of video qualities and process them for delivery across multiple protocols, such as Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), and Microsoft Smooth Streaming (Smooth). For live streaming, this means that each of the stream renditions that you send to us are made available as dynamic bitrate streams to all devices that access the live stream. Because the broadcaster is not required to stream multiple sets of streams to each protocol, the outbound bandwidth requirement is cut in half, and the broadcast encoding settings are greatly simplified. For VOD content, this means that it is not necessary to store redundant versions of the same content for delivery across different protocols. This also has tremendous positive implications with regard to forward compatibility of your content library as new standards and protocols emerge.

Premium Content Delivery

We deliver all content across the Akamai HD2 Content Delivery Network. With the largest distribution of edge servers in the world, this ensures that your viewers will always be accessing content from an edge server that is in network proximity to their location. So whether your viewer is on Safari on Africa or on the Beach in Hawaii (yes, customers have sent us pictures of both of those), your viewers will be pulling video from a server that is close to where they are located.

Player Designer & Player Dev Kit

Customize the viewer experience to match your branding or site experience. Player Designer allows quick and easy interactive player customization including skins, color, and various other simple and advanced customizations. The Player Dev Kit enables easy development of custom player skins.

Application Development Kit for iOS and Android

Speed the development of iOS and Android video-centric mobile applications by making use of Video Platform’s Application Development Kid (ADK).

Device Reach

Reach iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Roku, Boxee, TiVo, Smart TVs, and… well, you get the point. Our approach simplifies the process of delivering excellent quality video and positive user experiences across the widest range of devices in today’s landscape. Video Plaform is built to quickly adapt to future demand.

Flexibility & Scalability

Servicing customers of various scope and size—from leading media and entertainment companies to enterprise, houses of worship, education, government, and publishing companies—the beauty of our system is the capability to scale the solution to each content owner’s unique requirements. In an industry with trending growth, engagement, and device reach, partnering with a company that will be able to scale with you both as your strategy evolves and as the expectations of your audience are transformed is one of the best decisions that you can make. Our simple yet feature-rich architecture allows you to get started quickly, with the ability to scale with your needs as your online video delivery requirements grow, and as your video business models become more complex.

Server-Side Transcoding

After your content is uploaded into Ikonik OVP, if additional transcoding of the content is needed, it can be “published” using professionally configured encoding and publishing profiles that process your content on our high capacity cloud encoding server farm. This allows for high quality, fast video processing. Unlike other providers, we don’t limit you on the number of encoding profiles or video renditions that can be created for your content. Also unlike other providers, we provide you with intelligent encoding profiles that can make encoding decisions based on the parameters of your content. This means that different encoding profiles can be applied to different pieces of content, based on your preferences and distribution needs.

Custom Metadata

Don’t be limited to a predefined set of metadata and information that can be defined about your content. Video Platform provides custom metadata fields and arrangement to match or extend your existing asset management schemas.

Metrics & Engagement Intelligence

Our platform includes real-time and historical audience engagement analytics and quality of service metrics. This engagement intelligence enables content owners to quantitatively measure and report the success of your media strategy. This real-time and historical information also helps you make quality decisions about how your content strategy might need to be modified in order to maximize user engagement. The interactive reports are also beautiful and easy to navigate and understand. Reports can also be exported in various formats.

Feeds Service

Filter your content into feeds for automated syndication and publishing of content into embedded players, iTunes, Roku, and other services that request a feed for content publishing. Get a real-time preview of the content that will be included in the feed based on the parameters you have defined. Pin static items to the feed, and choose if those items will be followed by dynamic population of additional content. Define the feed length and content types to be included in the feed, as well as custom filtering options.


Mature APIs provide programmatic access system features and capabilities. In fact, our online video management console is built on top of the API. The architecture of the product is constructed around robust API access and integration.


99.9% uptime guarantee. These services are trusted by major broadcasters such as Comcast Xfinity, Time Warner Cable, NBC Sports, and more who rely on this infrastructure to deliver their content with the highest levels of reliability.


Monetizing your content has never been easier. Integrate easliy with 3rd Party ad networks or with your own ad server. Enable subscriptions, video rentals, and paid downloads. Authenticate users based on user privileges. Create and manage ad policies and integrate Digital Rights Management.